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holy everliving fuck i want this

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we will love.
no punchline.
no fancy statements.
no perfect structures.

we will love.


- Beau Sia, excerpt from “Reverse Engineering” (via feellng)

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i feel like this is a real family photo

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" I’ll fight for you, but I will not compete for you. There’s a difference. "

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" It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt. "

- Tom Gates (via psych-facts)

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Taking all the hits as they come is daunting, especially when they’re as big as they’ve been. But for me, I’ve always believed in this band. I’ve always kept going. When Ryan and Jon left, I said ‘Fuck that; I never want to leave this band.’ I love this band. I loved it from the very moment I joined this thing.

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